Rivers We Fish


The BEAVERHEAD RIVER is located in southwestern Montana flowing through the town of Dillon.  It eventually joins the Big hole river to form the Jefferson.  It's a relatively small, slow flowing river whose water is comparatively cold.  Large browns and rainbows live among cover primarily consisting of over hanging vegetation, undercuts and long deep pools.

The BIG HOLE RIVER flows through the beautiful 153 mile long Big hole Valley that is home to moose, mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, big horn sheep and black bears.  It is designated as a "Blue Ribbon" fishery.  This freestone beauty is home to native stream-dwelling Arctic grayling, brook trout, brown trout and rainbows.  It offers everything from shallow riffles to deep slow moving pools. 

The BLACKFOOT RIVER is located in west central Montana.  It is a major tributary of the Clark Fork River.  The Blackfoot river is designated as a "Blue Ribbon" fishery as well.  This beautiful stream flows for more than 130 miles through the canyons with  rocks and in-stream boulders as well as flat coniferous forest land with smooth deep runs.  It's a very picturesque stream.  Brown trout, bull trout, rainbows and west slope cutthroat trout inhabit this great water.

We fish the CLARK FORK RIVER between St. Regis and Paradise Montana along the scenic byway #135.  This is a great stream for those who desire float fishing large streams with relatively slow deep drifts.  Visitors to this stream may see bear and big horn sheep.  Brown trout, rainbow trout and cutthroat trout inhabit this water.  We do hook up with an occasional bull trout, at least my wife does. 


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